As a photographer specializing in Portraiture, Glamor, Boudoir and Fine Art Photography. Tarquin Photography has the unique ability to capture the essence of diverse places and people.

Originally from South Africa he moved to Canada and now the United States. This adds richness to his perspective. Each location has its own palette of colors, textures, and emotions waiting to be woven into your visual narratives.

He has a powerful way of conveying his clients stories through his style and art form. With every click of the shutter, he freezes a moment in time, a fleeting expression, a sun-kissed landscape, or the raw vulnerability of the human form. His dedication to this craft allows him to share these stories with the world.

Whether it’s the rugged beauty of a mountain range, the intricate details of a bustling city, or the quiet intimacy of a portrait, Tarquin Photography captures it all. His work has the potential to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and inspire others to see the world anew.

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